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Aboard Eurostar

I got a surprise email from a nurse friend who is now working in Brussels. Fortunately, she’s having a vacation and by the time I’m posting this she’s probably chilling out, framing the Eiffel Tower you know that thing tourists do, in Paris right now.

She said they’re not (as she has other nurse companions all of them Pinay) taking the plane but their taking Eurostar instead. Gosh, for someone who’s place only have a train toy – experience such as this is really worth treasuring. Just a little backgrounder – this friend of mine grew up in the middle of the mountains with horses and carabao sleds were used to be usual mode of transpo :) Ican just imagine how she drops jaw just like I’m dropping mine now, lol.

They’re traveling by land; it’s her first time, well, of course, to see the countryside of this part of Europe. Thank brilliants for the internet I got to see what a Eurostar looks like. How I wish there’ll be railway system in Mindanao too – oh, no, heavens save the rails – the rebels might derail them.

Anyway, can’t wait for their photos.

[Image by]

Eurostar is a high-speed railway service connecting London with Paris and Brussels. All its trains traverse the Channel Tunnel between England and France, owned and operated separately by Eurotunnel.

The service is operated by eighteen-coach Class 373/1 trains which run at up to 300 kilometres per hour (186 mph) on a network of high-speed lines. The LGV Nord line in France opened before Eurostar services began in 1994, and newer lines enabling faster journeys were added later—HSL 1 in Belgium and High Speed 1 in southern England. The French and Belgian parts of the network are shared with Paris–Brussels Thalys services and also with TGV trains. In the United Kingdom the two-stage Channel Tunnel Rail Link project was completed on 14 November 2007 and renamed High Speed 1, when the London terminus of Eurostar transferred from Waterloo International to St Pancras International. (

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This is twice in a row that I posted flower festival for Tuesday Travel. I don’t know but there’s something about bloom festivals that draw me, I find romance, depth, nostalgia on this kind of events.

And another festival that I shouldn’t miss before my last curtain call will be the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan. This festival is said to be one of the happiest events in Japan as it signals the coming of spring and it happens every late March to early April of every year. Blossoms are momentary, they last only for a week or two and even shorter when there are strong winds and rain, so for tourist’s who will just come and see this glory it’s a must I think that you or we savor every moment the mankai (full bloom) is up for seeing.

[Photo credits]

A friend who now resides in Nagoya suggests to stay up until the blizzard of petals fall, to her it’s more than glorious, it’s the most romantic and nostalgic moment of the whole thing.

More than these delightful sights is its cultural significance to the people of Japan; they believe that just like the ephemerality of the blooms so as our lives, hence, we should savor every moment while we still can.

If you want to know more about this festival you can head to  for more details.

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10,000 flights to Japan to promote back tourism

You probably have read about Japan Tourism Agency’s plan to give out 10,000 round trip tickets to lucky social media enthusiasts round the globe – was actually excited after my reads – this project aimed to regained back Japan’s glory via the social media following the fatal devastation – tsunami, radiation issues that happened months back.

 I’m not certain as to accommodation and food is covered but what I’m sure about is that lucky blogger|social media user can have a free flight back and forth to Japan.

This under the condition that you have to document every inch of your travel to practically all social media outlet you’re affiliated unto– blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube .. etc..

[Photo from]

It was said that Japan’s tourist visits has dropped by 50% soon after the devastation happened, though this is not the first an online promotion was done by a particular country to attract potential visitors – if you can remember Australia’s Best Job In The World competition? Ahhh, Ben Southall was one lucky guy to have lived in that paradise, Thailand also has successfully launched their medical tourism promo and this time it’s Japan.

 I hope this proposal will be adopted and the proposed 10 million yen to fund this project will  be in placed soon. This project is set to start come April 2012.

Yayks, this could be my chance to see the land of the rising sun,  God willing, I claim <—- nyahahah, just one hopeful being here. :)

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