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10,000 flights to Japan to promote back tourism

You probably have read about Japan Tourism Agency’s plan to give out 10,000 round trip tickets to lucky social media enthusiasts round the globe – was actually excited after my reads – this project aimed to regained back Japan’s glory via the social media following the fatal devastation – tsunami, radiation issues that happened months back.

 I’m not certain as to accommodation and food is covered but what I’m sure about is that lucky blogger|social media user can have a free flight back and forth to Japan.

This under the condition that you have to document every inch of your travel to practically all social media outlet you’re affiliated unto– blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube .. etc..

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It was said that Japan’s tourist visits has dropped by 50% soon after the devastation happened, though this is not the first an online promotion was done by a particular country to attract potential visitors – if you can remember Australia’s Best Job In The World competition? Ahhh, Ben Southall was one lucky guy to have lived in that paradise, Thailand also has successfully launched their medical tourism promo and this time it’s Japan.

 I hope this proposal will be adopted and the proposed 10 million yen to fund this project will  be in placed soon. This project is set to start come April 2012.

Yayks, this could be my chance to see the land of the rising sun,  God willing, I claim <—- nyahahah, just one hopeful being here. :)

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There are actually lots of tulip festivals around the world, this is held particularly in regions with Dutch heritage. But one of the famed is the Tulip Time Festival in Holland which is set every May, next year it’ll be celebrated on the 5th to 12th. Hmmm, seems like I have lots of time to prepare, eh.

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I’m always fascinated how other culture celebrate their festivities, like how these Dutch people do their Dutch dancing in their famous Dutch costume, I actually had tried one back in my elementary years – United Nations Day – but that’s minus the tulips of course, and it’s way different having to see right at where the action is.

I actually have no idea how their programs run during this time, but this is the time where tulips are in its full beauty, more than I think the dancing is the sight- seeing. My research informed me it’ll take one roughly around 15 hours by plane to reach Netherlands.

I think I should get packing. Wanna tag along?


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Max’s Restaurant in Davao

I really have tons to be thankful for – to these restaurants that sprouted like mushrooms around Davao, they practically are my savior – you know those times where you just can’t find an inspiration to move a muscle to whisk a broth, gosh I’m often under molest of those. I call it my eternal vise, er in my husband’s words, a perfect excuse to not mastering cooking procedures … waaahhhh, whatever, but I really find it a luxurious treat to just find a sit, command, eat and leave.

Lately, we’ve dined at Max’s Restaurant here at Abreeza Mall in Davao, thing with bringing children around – you can’t help it but order the everlasting fried chicken, glad Max’s has perfected their formula on how to fry the crunchiest chicken in the universe.

So here sharing some of my rather stolen food photos, sometimes it’s quiet a shame picturing the food while old folks eating on your side are strangely looking at you, lol  … they don’t quiet understand what the heck I’m doing …

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3 Jamaica Villas Ideal for Family Getaways

With its vibrant musical culture, active participation in sporting events, and unique approach to food, Jamaica can be an exciting place to visit… especially with a group. Here are three luxury rentals perfect for families looking to take a trip to this culturally magnificent Caribbean destination.

[View of Little Palm, a luxury villa in Montego Bay, Jamaica]

An excellent destination for a small family on a budget, Little Palm is part of the Tryall Club in Jamaica and rests between the 17th green of the club’s luxurious golf course and a private white-sand beach reserved exclusively for those staying at the resort. With room for both parents and two children, Little Palm offers enough space to allow everyone to stretch out and relax without feeling like they have too much room, and features such as the complimentary gold cart and resort privileges (including fitness facilities, tennis, and other amenities) help keep everyone entertained to the fullest. If the resort still isn’t enough, though, the lively region of Montego Bay offers plenty of nightlife and culture to help you dive right in to Jamaica’s lively style.

[View of Villa Belmont, a luxury villa in Port Antonio, Jamaica]

Jamaica villas tend towards the exciting and luxurious, but only the very best can gain international recognition… and Villa Belmont in Port Antonio, with a history of hosting international dignitaries, has done exactly that. With a highly professional staff who have been with the villa for years and amenities that compete favorably with the best in all Jamaica, you might think that Villa Belmont would be a little out of the range of other renters… but if so, you’d be wrong. Villa Belmont is not only one of the most affordable villas in the Caribbean (with extra rooms being only a small increase in price), it’s also capable of hosting as many as eight people, allowing for even a larger family to have plenty of space and comfort during their trip.

[View of Somewhere in Ocho Rios, Jamaica]

Is your family looking to stay somewhere in Jamaica, but they just aren’t sure exactly where? If so, you’re in luck; you can find Somewhere in Ocho Rios, along with four bedrooms (each equipped with two joinable twin beds that can become a King-size for maximum flexibility in sleeping space), a swimming pool, preferential treatment for golf, tennis courts, and even a complimentary plantation tour to let you experience a part of Jamaica that doesn’t involve Jamaican Jerk Spice or music. The complimentary horseback riding tours can be a lot of fun as well, and this is a feature only available Somewhere, not simply anywhere. With fabulous views of the ocean, fun for everyone, and some unique features, a family getaway in Jamaica doesn’t get any better than this.

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Mixed media art shop in Davao

We had a short side trip at the Crocodile Farm Center here in Davao the other day, not actually to see the crocs but to scout for some art pieces, I heard they have an art shop here that sells varied pieces.

I wasn’t disappointed, this small charming art shop just outside the croc compound sells and made variety of art pieces made from various media.

I love this dream catcher much, but it was just too big for my son’s window, the second in size was already taken, I hope there’ll be new one on display when I’ll get there sometime next week.

I forgot what’s this piece called, but certainly it’s a cool entertaining piece made of different metal scraps – an eco art, cool.

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