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If there’s one thing I want to do right now that is to yell my heart out riding a roller coaster, not just any other coaster but the Coastersaurus at Legoland, yes the ones in Florida. If some wish to scream their throats off Walt Disney coasters, I’d like to do mine at Legoland. Since the moment I officially knew there’s this kind of bricks where you can build anything you can possibly imagine out of it, I began thinking wow, suppose there will be a place where practically everything on it is build with Lego bricks – that’ll be awesome.

[Image not mine]

True enough, build with more than 50 million Lego bricks a fantasy land, known as Legoland came into reality – with countless rides and figures made from lego bricks around this fancy land, I wonder what my reaction would be, I have this inkling that it’ll be like someone standing woozy in the middle of the street rolling her eyes in all possible direction, I think that’s forgivable given it’s going to be my first time.

But seriously, if you’re planning a trip to Florida and want to experience Legoland, you can stay or book for Orlando Hotels and take a 45-minute ride to Winter Haven to enjoy this toyland and if time is of the essence and you want to maximize your stay you can check out ‘Things to do in Orlando’ on Facebook to check on some great adventures while on your vacation.

I’m going to work on this that’s for sure!

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She who can’t travel abroad as often as she wanted must find a way to at least have a glimpse of the place she wanted to see even virtually, hence, my find on this virtual tour that led me to the world’s most historic chapel, The Sistine Chapel, found right at the heart of the seat of Catholicism – The Holy See.

I won’t describe to you anymore how happy I was I’ve seen the inside virtually and how sad I’ve been to have not experienced yet the feel inside this chapel, hence, my adjectives aren’t as sharp as those who have felt goosebumps while walking and rolling their eyes around here, but even then, I’ve experienced that virtual feel of how its like to be in a place where the works of the Renaissance artists including that of Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Pinturicchio and many more come real and existent.


Click on this photo to start your virtual tour.


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It was raining on the morning of Jan 14, it was cold and damp but my son insisted on going to the Japanese Tunnel in Balusong, Matina as he made a promise to his classmate to attend her birthday. I was hesitant to send him because of the unpleasant weather; I’m too guarded when it comes to situation like this because of the flooding that happened to Davao City months back, but his father sent off a go signal so I didn’t contest anymore.

D’ Japanese Tunnel Family Resort and Restaurant is located in Matina Balusong, Diversion Road, Davao City. It’s one of the historical sites turned tourist spot in Davao City.

There’s an outdoor pool,  hotel and restaurant just in case you may want to spend time with your family and friends a little away from the city. [that's my son enjoying the pool alone]

And of course the main attraction why it was named so is this .. this is the entrance to the tunnel, the tunnel spanned about 300 meters long, there are replicas of Japanese soldiers and a Buddha inside this tunnel, other than those there’s nothing much to see, ah, the tourist guide that since my first visit still blabs the same spiel. I wish the owner can research more substantial info on what has been during those fateful Japanese days.

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It’s been months since I joined Postcrossing, and I’d say I’ve been a lazy postcrosser lately, I often forget to drop by a souvenir store and buy Postcards, but thing is, there has not been new designs on the shelf lately :(, I’m thinking of making my own, seriously.

I’ve made a promise that I should hit a hundred cards this year … that means I should send a hundred too, I’ll work on that. Meanwhile, I had these postcards on my mailbox the other day;

This postcard came from Beth of Taiwan, this place is called Sanxia, according to her, this place represent the ancient style of Taipei. Beautiful at night indeed.

This came from Illinois, USA. it’s a winter scene in the Upper Dells, Matthiessen State Park. Gracious, having lived in the tropics half of my life, I’m not sure if I can survive this state – but looking at the photo its wonderfully freezing.

Ellen, the sender said, ‘winter is finally arriving here, today was very cold. Soon we’ll have snow like this.’

This one came from Spain, though I’m real familiar with this country – it’s my first hearing San Sebastian, Basque Country, it prodded me to to google it and eventually knew that this is one of the splendid country scenes of Espana. Beautiful!

This one came from my blogging friend Mommy Clang of KIZUNA, she’s based in Japan, ‘you sure made me feel special for this card Mommy Clang. Thank you so much’.
These are Maiko Girls worshipping at Yasak Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

The card has one of the most beautiful stamps that I got this year. the colors are so alive! Thank you again Mommy Clang, hope to see you one day, God bless you.

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I was cleaning and sorting up our pre-loved stuff at the basement when I got hold of an old album all sheathe with dust, I previously thought my mom had thrown away them away since I hadn’t seem them in a long time, I sighed in bliss knowing that they’re just there before me, flipping the pictured boards made me wander in that momentous days of my life in 20s.

It’s a photograph album that holds the happiest and wearisome memories of me and my long lost friends trailing Mt. Candalaga in 1998. It was just a spur of the moment decision, the group immediately agreed and before we knew it we’re already on our rucksacks, packed our sleeping bags and had all our camping equipment ready to joining the national mountaineers climb to Mt. Candalaga.

Mt. Candalaga is one of the most astounding mountains in the island of Mindanao, Philippines; this majestic peak is set in the picturesque province of Compostela Valley. Mt. Candalaga is not a just range of mountains, it holds the richest and the most stunning flora and fauna you could ever imagine. It’s filled with mesmerizing folkloric tales and breathtaking waterfalls.

Just two of the splendid and most refreshing 13 waterfalls to the next campsite  The one in red hat (left photo) is me. To me, this was my most daring stunt I’ve done in my entire life, this swinging, roped ladder give me only one choice – to step up, stepping down was never a choice, you’ll push down the people below you. But I did it with pride! (lol)

All complete with our camping equipment we were loaded in a dump truck that sent us to the base camp, the dump truck ride was the boisterous ride I’ve ever had in my entire life – unforgettable.

Mt. Candalaga is decked with 13 waterfalls, I’ve drank, sensed, elated and got awed by those awe-inspiring cascades, especially the welcome falls, Marangig Falls – it was a refreshing secluded fairy land – magnificent.

There are times when I’d really want to give up along the way, but thinking I have to go down back alone – my only choice was to move up and reach the camp site before its dark.

Stopovers in the middle of nowhere

Sure enough after a day of sharing my precious blood to leeches, eating grilled eggplant and calling all the gods along the way, we’ve made it to the camp site. I actually can’t remember anymore how we’ve managed to put up our tent in the dark, cooking our food to fill our empty and rumbly tummy was another challenge, the sardines was the most sumptuous food one can ever had at 2,402+ feet above sea level. And finally, after all the camp ruckus and all, laying our body in our sleeping bags laid inside our tents was the most luxurious feel ever amid grassy, cold, dark, deafening meadow atop the mountain.

Early morning pose at the camp site

The next morning ‘down-trail’ was also enlivening, after hours of holding on to the lush greenery and hearing the forest talk, you’ll be greeted by this scenery, you can hear everyone one at your back sighing, panting, and saying – ‘wow’!

 It’s been years that I got stuck in this house, you know when you change life course, you’ll likely not be able tread this trail anymore, but I was glad that once in my life I’ve walked the road less traveled, literally.

If you’re a mountain enthusiast and want an experience of Mt. Candalaga, you can contact the Tourism office of Maragusan, Compostela Province, you’ll likely to enjoy your trek more if you’ll have your intentions known at this office.

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