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For your travel convenience, get the best travel app today

One of the glorious reasons why I work hard, I want to experience how it’s like under these Sakura, it’s doesn’t really matter whether its in Korea or Japan ;) so now, I’m religiously trying to find good hotel and flight deals with my best travel app.

Remember those times when airline companies would hand you a booklet for your flight ticket? I had my share of that 80’s period where my sole name is printed on a check-like sturdy paper and is tucked in a booklet, they’re like perfect scrap book material for ‘my first plane ride’ and would be passengers would be treated to a coffee while waiting for the flight to be booked. Traveling in the heyday was enjoyed only by few privileged and I must say I was lucky I was one of those.

And in just a matter of few flights back, I haven’t even rounded my country yet this culture has changed so drastically, so fast that in just a matter of seconds you get your flight confirmed with just a lowly laser print-out and is even enough to let you check-in and board the airplane.

Aircraft technology, internet technology, fast-paced economy and the rise of tourism industry has made everything this fast and easy for everybody. Today, travelers who have access to internet can now freely find flights at their most convenient and at a rate so fit for everyone’s budget.

But wait, this sophistication does not end here; the rise of smart phones, smart pads and wireless technology has intensified this flying culture even more. Smartphone travel applications are now on the rise to serve us more effectively, efficiently and conveniently, hence, access the most opportune and open schedules for our next flight. Gone are the days where we have to go back home or to sit down in our laptops or PC’s to book our flight, our smart phones can now be loaded with the Best Travel Apps so we can check on our favored airline schedules and book our flight while on the go, what is more convenient is that even hotel bookings can now be done through this apps. As a matter of fact, as I write I’m browsing my efficient best travel app ever for a cheap accommodation, convenient flight schedule on a sale to Subic.

Indeed, today’s travel culture has changed, it has change to suit everyone’s lifestyle, it has change to give everyone a chance to travel around, it’s like telling us, go and see the world and all you need is a smart phone in the palm of your hand.

In closing, there might be no free coffee at the booking center anymore, but who cares when everyone and not just the privileged few can now fly and see how it’s like to experience Sakura in spring in the land of the morning calm.

So for your first world convenience, get your Smartphone loaded with the best travel app today and start planning your next happy trip, good luck!

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Where to leave your baggages when in Cebu City: SM Traveller’s Lounge

When we went to Siquijor Island in April, we made Cebu City as our port of origin. We came via plane from Davao and we immediately proceeded to Pier1 to get our ticket for the afternoon, 3:30PM Ocean Jet trip to Siquijor. But since it was still too early and honestly, Ocean Jet should renovate their passengers lounge to accommodate their passengers comfortably, we thought to kill our three-hour spare before boarding – malling. The nearest mall to Pier1 in Cebu is SM, so we headed there via taxi – it’s not that far.

We asked the driver to drop us to the most convenient door as we have baggages, but he said we won’t be allowed entry with our bulky bags and if we insist, the guard will open everything out, you know – security reasons. But he suggested to leave our stuff at the most convenient place, The SM Traveller’s Lounge. Since it was still early there were few foreigners and local tourists  lining up. The system is to deposit your baggages with a minimal fee of P30.00 for the whole day. So we did and went to eat our lunch along the food strip right near the lounge and then spend the rest of our spare time exploring the mall.

It was about 2:30PM when we went back to get our baggages, there were already a long queue of transient travellers bringing all sizes of bags and trolleys. The good thing is that you can actually stay around for a while, taking advantage of the cold temp, do your comfort room thing as there’s also available and when you can’t take the heat anymore, because jesus christ Cebu at that time was dang hot – there’s a shower where you can freshen up for a very minimal fee – awesome!

So there, thank you SM for this tourist infra and for making our travel less problematic.

SM Traveller's Lounge, Cebue City
SM Traveller's Lounge, Cebu City
SM Traveller's Lounge, Cebu City

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I don’t travel a lot, but I have friends who do and every time they go out of town or go out of the country they made sure they bring in souvenirs for us, well, that’s always the case being Filipinos have this custom to include the whole family in whatever they do, big or small.

In particular I have a friend who works for an international non-governmental organization that allows her to travel to practically all corners of the world, from the remotest and coldest place called Vostok and to places where people barely sleep, New York – collecting data that is relevant for their research and in all these trips, she never come home empty handed, she would always have something for us.

She used to collect mugs from all over, but eventually got tired and dropped the idea – it’s bulky and she’d often fix broken ones at home. Her latest craze were these patriotic travel souvenirs, she collects anything that bears the country’s flag colors on it. Her latest was this eyeglasses frame that resembles a New Caledonian flag, it was pretty – wish I could go to that place too.

She’s wallowing in snow right now with her family in Ohio, for sure she’ll be back with souvenirs having American flags on it, I wish it would be dozens of ref magnets this time, I’ve been dying to have aplenty, I’m coming up with a project that needs all these and I want authentic ones.

Meantime, if you’re also into this souvenir collection thing, you can visit for more of great one-of-a-kind memento.

Happy Holidays!

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