So you’re planning a trip to Manila, by now you probably have pulled in together all the information you need to roam around the city by the bay. Don’t be dragged in by your hesitations that it’s far from safe meandering on this place, some news on the paper and what reporters are blabbing about on TV can sometimes packed with sensationalization to pumped up ratings and all that stuff, sometimes they say, the most dangerous place is the safest… anyway, I’ve lived 2 hours away by plane from Manila, my life and work is practically centered in Davao so I see Manila at the most twice a year, airfare comes in expensive especially when you get one not on promo and it’s on peak, besides I’ve no business just leisure trip to Manila – that’s why.

Western entrance to the walled city, Intramuros
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Of all the distinct places in Manila, I love the most Binondo and Intramuros, these are the places I think you shouldn’t miss and be in your list when you hit the road to Manila. These places holds the rich and intense history of this country, I find it your very informative stop-over if you want to understand how Pinoys lived their lives today.

Accommodation is out of question, if you’re traveling on a budget, there are awesome Manila sublets you can contract for a transient stay. In fact, as I write you don’t need to be in Manila per se to book for these places, all you need is to get yourself into the internet and start looking for, it’s the Philippines largest database to finding your cheapest room for rent, bed space or transient house for rent while in Manila, what’s more, is that you can also find other spaces for rent outside of the Metro like Davao, Cebu or Baguio just in case you want to extend and spend it in the province and guess what? They all come the most affordable.

So pack up today and hit the road to Manila!

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