The Summer Wanderers


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We rode a jeepney to my aunt’s old house in the town of San Juan. The night ride was balmy and breezy. My cousins now all-too familiar voices firing endless ‘how-are-yous’ filled the warm ride home, a genial sentiment that made me took in the moment – oh, finally I’m home. I ducked out my head to breathe-in familiar scents of summer. The whiffs this short night ride has, burrowed reminiscences out of my arcane and emotional amygdala. The earthy night mists, the sun-burnt grasses, the scent of Calachuchi and Dama de Noche brought out the remembrance that reconnect me back to the place where I first saw light and cried – my birthplace.

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Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party 2014

I miss our acquaintance party last year. The date was scheduled in time for our vacation departure, I missed a bunch of doughnuts, lol. I’m excited to join this year, the date falls on where I’m so humanly idle. I’m sure this would be extra fun having to see new faces and meet new bloggers in town.

So bloggers around Davao region, if you happen to drop by and read this post, you are cordially invited to join us. No need to wear your tuxedo vests and ties or long gowns and night dresses, just come smartly with your awesome self and we’re good to have fun.

Feel free to pre-register yourself in this doc, who knows you’ll be the lucky to win free flights courtesy of Cebu Pacific. And oh, wait, I heard there’ll be more exciting prizes to be raffled off. You can’t afford to miss this, right?

Refer on the poster for the venue and time. See you!

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Part 1 – The summer I met a shoreless fisherman


I was sleeping half the time I was onboard the OceanJet. It’s the best remedy to contest seasickness and get rested before arriving Siquijor. It was 7 in the evening when we docked at Dumaguete City port. I calculated, we’ve spent 4 hours already on the sea after we left Pier 1 of Cebu City, no wonder my rear sored. I stayed still on my settee as I watched passengers disembarking and after a while few more were embarking for the last stretch of our trip. We still have 1 hour further to cross the Philippine deep before we’ll finally dock at Siquijor port.

Summers are always a good time to cruise this part of the Philippine ocean. I know for certain, most locals won’t propose travelling on the months of August to December when you’re not a frequent sea traveller. Monsoon winds on these months are just too fierce. Waves are often too enraged and for certain you’ll swear to the gods of seas not to return and take this route again. But on the night of that summer we travelled, the water was emolliently composed and the rhapsodic moon where our ferry was heading gleam in light like a golden asphalt highway in the dark.

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