Traveling with a musically-inclined buddy

Traveling solo can be very self-fulfilling. It provides a feeling of complete freedom and candor, happy-go-luckyness and a solid sense of solitariness with your own self. But sometimes, just like what they say, no one is an island and it’s also equally fulfilling to travel with a buddy.

But have you tried traveling, backpacking especially with a musically-inclined buddy? Like when you’re stuck in a village and you go drinking with the locals in a pub and you find yourself getting pushed up the stage to hold the mic and everyone is cheering your name like you’re the most famous superstar in the whole world? Or simply get into guitar jamming session under moonlight with your travel buddies by the beach with only tikis flickering on the side to illuminate your cool and calming voice singing Home of Philip Phillips? Well, just sad, I haven’t had this kind of experience yet, and wish one day I can do this. This is exactly why I love life.

Got a musician’s friend ? Then get him on the plane and make awesome memories friends!

Here’s Philip Phillips.

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Extreme Adventures: Gears and Accessories

If I were single and in my 20s I really would do extreme something like wing suit flying, but because I’ve accumulated age and have children to tend, I’m now doubting myself whether I’ll take the chance to fly when opportunity comes knocking. Though, at any sports, age doesn’t matter, I still find it a considerable factor.

I really have high respect for people who engage into extreme sports, I see them as well-accomplished daredevils with endless stream of adrenalin coming out of their renals, not to mention overcoming every unique challenge that comes their way. Lately, I had a chance to watch a local mud motor racing, I do drive but doing it in extreme condition with oversized gears and machine made me want to faint. But I understand why others take the risk – normal life dares are boring, hence, engaging into driving overboard.

 photo 215143_10151155707881921_1613416752.jpg

Other than mud racing there is actually one motor sport I’d love to try, this so-called side by side motoring, they’re the best 4-wheeled machine for mountain adventure, at least to me, coz’ I’m afraid of two-wheeled ones , I figured they’re a bit tamer than the mud machines, though I admit sports like this really require much of your pocket, well, I think this is nothing for those who want to pursue their passion.

And if you’re into this awesome motor sports today and you’re looking for side by side UTV parts, this website, offers the widest selection of side by side quality parts and accessories. They offer international shipment so no worries about getting the parts for your machine anywhere you are.

As for me, I’ll probably live off my excitement by just watching daredevils perform, it’s the best I can do for something I can’t possibly do.

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This inspiring view from a splendid veranda …

…. Is all I ever want today.

All of a sudden I was hit by middle age melancholia when I saw this photo. It reminded me so much that I haven’t really had a me-time break since summer. I was so absorbed by varied, urgent and not so family matters that I stop thinking about getting myself my so-called self-healing.

Although I dreamed of returning to the beach, a splendid country view such as this would be a much welcome possibility – a place so homey, vibrant with a touch of nostalgic tenderness. I’ll make a mental note of this page so I won’t be forgetting to have it bucket listed.

 photo Veranda1.jpg

Meantime, back to mothering reality with tons of job to do and praying one day soon, I’ll have all the time I need to languid around this place.

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