Christmas is in the air

Oh yes, that’s how Filipinos regard this occasion. The moment ‘ber’ months come in, everyone gets excited, others feeling melancholic, stores have all these cute snowbabies ornaments early on display and almost everyone gets this feeling of concern where to get money to spend for the holidays.

 photo Christmas.jpg

I have this love | hate feeling towards this practice. Love, because it gets everyone a motivation, excitement and plans what to do in the next months to come. But hate it on the other hand because, what is there to get excited about celebrating just a day where the only concern are the Catholic faithfuls. But then, looking at the bigger picture we all get smooched to this occasion. I don’t want to play Scrooge but I hate it when I get to queue for 1 hour just to get my milk punched.

But then, looking at the brighter side, there’s pay bonus and vacation.

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The more we have, the less we enjoy

First of all, I don’t own this picture, it flood my Facebook wall and caught me like, OMG, this is a perfect example of a picture that speaks a thousand words.

Anyone who can find connection can make his or her own conclusion but my take is simple. I remember a conversation with a relative, she came to our house looking as if she just finished a 100K run.

“I’m so tired, I’ve wiped and dusted all the jars and figurines at home the whole day, I’m so hungry, I felt like I could eat a whole elephant,”

I stated with conviction, “You know the best thing you can do is sell all your jars and figurines, or better yet, stop buying all these less priced clutter, that way you’ll have lesser time to clean, because the lesser time you spent dusting and wiping, the less stress you’ll have, the less food you’ll eat, the less fat you’ll amass and you’ll have more time to doing something else.”

I think it’s the same logic as this picture has, the more we have, the more we accumulate all these stuff in the world, the more we lose interest in knowing each of them, therefore, the less we enjoy them.

“Try owning just one jar and you’ll see how fast you can clean and how well you’ll value it.”

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Traveling with a musically-inclined buddy

Traveling solo can be very self-fulfilling. It provides a feeling of complete freedom and candor, happy-go-luckyness and a solid sense of solitariness with your own self. But sometimes, just like what they say, no one is an island and it’s also equally fulfilling to travel with a buddy.

But have you tried traveling, backpacking especially with a musically-inclined buddy? Like when you’re stuck in a village and you go drinking with the locals in a pub and you find yourself getting pushed up the stage to hold the mic and everyone is cheering your name like you’re the most famous superstar in the whole world? Or simply get into guitar jamming session under moonlight with your travel buddies by the beach with only tikis flickering on the side to illuminate your cool and calming voice singing Home of Philip Phillips? Well, just sad, I haven’t had this kind of experience yet, and wish one day I can do this. This is exactly why I love life.

Got a musician’s friend ? Then get him on the plane and make awesome memories friends!

Here’s Philip Phillips.

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