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‘A Royal Christmas’ is SM Lanang Premier’s first Christmas theme following their opening on October and it’s just but timely celebrating Christmas royale with everything new and grand around.

Went to eat ‘tuna sinigang’ with the kids at their Sky Garden on Saturday and well, just like any Juan and Juana can’t help but take a pose for souvenir, so here!

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I was craving for American Maki and my senses kept bothering me to devour just at least four cuts of it and everything will be fine, sort of like a Russian Vampire.  So in flipflops, tee and shorts we drove occupying the 435th slot of SM Lanang’s underground parking, I love this sensorized parking techno, it gives you this instant idea to back-off when the figure dropped zero, telling you right then and there, hey, go find another mall where you can eat Maki, it’ll be a waste of gas roaming around for parking.

those colored lights above are sensors, it’ll be much nicer if they blink like Christmas lights, jeje. They’re green when parking’s vacant and turn red when occupied. Just a little secret, just to test whether it’s working or not, we drove back and forth twice, lol… wala lang, ignoy mode, lol.

There was this Cebu Photographer’s Club photo collection on exhibit, the shots are awesome, you should see it, of well, that’s pro cameras in use, but I thought why not try my phone cam … so here, the captures aren’t as bad as I thought it would be.

These photos were taken from a CM w900 phone camera, will this do? Am I suppose to answer this question? LOL, but I think they’re far better the blurry ones some folks around just post and go, watdyotink?

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Today, Sept. 28, 2012, marks another milestone of Davao City’s economic growth. The second SM mall here in Davao dubbed ‘SM Lanang Premier’ is now opening its doors to Davaoenos and its frequents in Mindanao.

It sprawled in hectares of land in Lanang District here in Davao.

I love the way this mall was designed, you can stand in one corner and you can see all the shops around, it’s a three story mall and housed hundreds of specialty shops, Forever 21, the famed American clothing retailer had their first store here.

SM also brought IMAX to Davao City. People in Mindanao you don’t have to travel to Manila to experience state-of-the-art entertainment, it’s here and can’t wait to grab my popcorn …

Gosh, with all these malls sprouting like mushrooms here in the city and there are more coming, shocks – this requires more hard work :(

Walang kokontra! LOL. We’re lucky to get invited to take a look around before it officially opened today.

Rovs, The Virtual Wanderer, Crislyn and Vanessa

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