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Paradise Island Garden Resort

By now there are countless of resorts sprouting around Island Garden City of Samal here in Davao. The resorts vary from low to high end accommodation, which is actually very fair at it caters to all market segments.

But the ones we frequent in Samal Island is Paradise Island Garden Resort, besides a very convenient 5 minute boat ride from mainland Davao,  it’s by far the child-friendliest, well, other the high-end resorts of course.

but for those who have several children and would have to pay for each of their head upon entry this resort really is the most affordable. More than that feature, it’s also clean and mess-free; love it how their resort attendants would immediately pick even just a single leaf fall on the sand.

And on top of these all – the water is sparkling, clean and refreshing.

How to get here?

From Manila – the capital city of the Philippines, you have to take another 2 hour flight to Davao, from your point in Davao, the jetty is located at Km 11, Sasa – any taxi cab can bring you to the jetty.

Crossing Pakiputan Channel

One fine day at the resort

That’s my daughter, aunt getting a helping hand … on jetskie

the service boat

the playground at the resort

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