Wander around in your freshest summer trousers

It’s officially summer on this side of the world and this would mean just one thing, it’ll be hot and sizzling in the next two months. Summer in the tropics is really blessed with a generous and fiery sun, so as a result everybody thinks of cooling down water parks, swimming pools and beaches.

But we can’t just flounder in water all time this summer, we also have lots of living to do, however warm, life has to go on like the usual, but this time – I’m in for a more breezy and cool way, probably by now you already had completed your perfect summer look – white flowing top, a new pair of pastel shorts or a refreshing pair of White linen trousers and maybe had shopped, even before summer starts, for thong sandals or new flipflops to complete your summer guise.

I think you would agree that playing around with nature is the best thing we earthlings can do than fight it back head on. For me summer is the best time of the year, it maybe quick and swift but it’s this time of year I can do things I saved and planned during the rest of the year.

So befriend the sun, tucked in your light straw bag, your dark Jackie-O, your big summer hat and your sun tan – let’s get the best out of this hot season, enjoy!

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